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Bankroll management in sports betting

Find out what bankroll management is , its importance and how to do it in sports betting . Learn to manage your bankroll right now.

We can say that today the lack of good bankroll management in sports betting is the main factor of so many bettors failing more and more. In this article we will tell you the best techniques to manage your bankroll and you will certainly never bet the same way again.

bank management

Basically bankroll management is a practice to control your investments in sports betting and this bankroll management can be divided into three stages.

1 – The first stage forces us to set a budget for how much money we are prepared to risk losing and then allocate that amount of money to be used only for sports betting purposes.

2 – The next stage involves establishing a set of rules that determine how much we should bet on any bet. These rules should be based on our overall budget, the way we bet and our betting goals.

3 – The final stage is to apply the rules defined in stage two. This is an ongoing process as these rules must apply to all bets you place.

The sum of money we put into our account at a bookmaker is known as bankroll. That’s where the term bank management comes from.

Optimal bankroll management for every bettor

Bankroll management is one of the most important practices for long-term profitability in sports betting, but we have several types of management, which can confuse a lot, especially for beginners. How much to bet? A more conservative management or a more aggressive management?

Firstly, the management to be used depends a lot from bettor to bettor, as each one has their own style of placing their bets, that is, there are more conservative bettors who are those who make fewer bets and more aggressive bettors who are those who do lots of bets. That’s why each one has to have a specific management according to their profile so that they don’t bring management and emotional control difficulties.

Management for conservative bettors

A conservative bettor is one who values ​​quality more than quantity. Generally these types of bettors only work with specific leagues by placing less bets monthly. The recommended bankroll management for this type of bettor is 50 units, where the value of your bankroll is divided into 50 parts, making your stake (value per bet) a little higher.

For example : If your bankroll is $1,000.00 and you divide each unit into 50 parts (stake = value per bet) it will be $20.00 . In other words, from your bankroll of $1,000, the value per bet must be $20.00 on each entry, which is equivalent to 2% of your total bankroll.

Aggressive bettor management

An aggressive bettor is one who works with the most leagues from several countries, working with many games and placing several bets monthly. The recommended management for this type of bettor is 100 units, where we divide your bankroll into 100 parts, resulting in a smaller stake.

For example : If your bankroll is $1,000.00 and you divide into 100 parts each unit (stake = value per bet) will be $10.00 . In other words, from your bankroll of $1,000, the value per bet must be $10.00 on each entry, which is equivalent to 1% of your total bankroll.

Why manage bankroll and what is its importance?

The simple answer to that question is that bankroll management helps you play responsibly. When applied correctly, it ensures that you bet within your means and don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose. This in itself makes management extremely important, as no one should gamble with the money they need to pay their bills or other expenses. There are other valuable benefits of using effective management as well.

1 – This ensures that we do not try to recover our losses when we are losing.
2 – This prevents us from getting carried away and betting too much on a winning streak.
3 – This allows us to withstand multiple losses without running out of money.
4 – This allows us to make better and more rational betting decisions.

Let’s address these four benefits one by one.

Bank management in the wake of losses

All sports bettors have a losing streak from time to time. We have been in abundance and we consider ourselves very good at doing it. They happen to even the most successful gamblers in the world, and they obviously happen to fun gamblers as well. There will be times when nothing goes as expected and you feel like you are losing one bet after another. Losing control and trying to recoup your losses becomes very tempting at this point. People often resort to raising their bets, hoping they’ll win it all back when their luck eventually turns. This usually ends badly.

By employing good bankroll management and having a fixed set of rules about how much to bet, you are more likely to resist the temptation to recoup losses when you are on a losing streak. You still need to be disciplined enough to follow these rules, but simply having them in place makes this much easier.

Bankroll management in a winning streak

A similar principle applies when on a winning streak. This also happens to everyone. Even recreational gamblers enjoy periods when they seem to have everything right and win virtually every bet they make. Winning streaks are something we all look forward to, but they have their potential downsides.

It’s not uncommon for people to significantly increase their bets when they’re on a winning streak. This could be the result of a boost of confidence or greed. Either way, it’s as big a mistake as recouping your losses. It could easily result in you returning all previous winnings when the streak ends. Once again, good bankroll management will prevent this from happening.

It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with increasing your stakes incrementally as your bankroll grows. This is absolutely fine, and a proper stake-raising plan will ensure that this is exactly what you do. It’s a SIGNIFICANT raise that’s the problem, because just a few losses on much larger bets can quickly drain your bankroll.

Banking Management and Loss Amortization

The third benefit is similar to the first in that it also relates to risk loss. Bank management does more than just stop you from recouping your losses during these sequences. With a proper stake-raising plan, the amount you bet will always be tied in some way to the size of your bankroll. If your bankroll starts to decrease due to bad luck (or because you’ve made some bad decisions), then the amount you bet will also decrease. This will prevent you from losing a lot of money very quickly.

If you are betting with the aim of making a profit, then it is vital to protect your bankroll in this way. If you keep betting the same amount even if your balance drops, losing everything becomes a real possibility. By betting only a small percentage of your balance, you should be able to avoid going broke. When losses are the result of poor decision making, this should give you the opportunity to correct your mistakes and make adjustments to the strategies you are using.

Lowering your stakes is also beneficial if betting is just a form of entertainment for you. This will make your bankroll last longer, which will effectively give you more entertainment for the same amount of money.

Please note : Bankroll management cannot stop you from losing money. This will slow down the rate at which you lose, but if you lose practically every bet you make, you’ll still lose your entire bankroll eventually. This is not necessarily a problem if you are betting with money you can afford to lose, and if you are not too concerned about making a profit. However, if your goal is to make money and you find yourself losing all your money, then take a step back and carefully consider your overall approach.

Banking Management and Rational Decisions

Good bankroll management can make the financial aspect of betting less relevant, which helps to make rational decisions. While this may seem counterintuitive, the fact is that you shouldn’t be focusing directly on how much money you can win or lose on a given bet. Your focus should be entirely on trying to make good betting decisions. This is MUCH easier to do if you’re not worried about the money involved.

Focusing too much on money causes people to choose for the wrong reasons. They can consistently return “safe” selections to reduce the risk of losing. Or they may consistently go far, trying to win huge amounts. Neither of these approaches is particularly sensible and is certainly not based on rational thinking. Instead, a dedicated bank should only be seen as a tool for betting.

We realize that this last benefit is more valuable to serious gamblers than recreational gamblers, but even those who gamble for fun should try to think rationally as they go through the decision-making process. It’s almost guaranteed to lead to better long-term results, which is obviously a good thing, regardless of one’s reasons for betting.

Allocating your bank

The first stage of bankroll management is easy. All you need to do here is set aside an amount of money to be used specifically for betting purposes. The actual amount is entirely up to you, of course, but it must be affordable. Basically, this needs to be money that you feel comfortable losing, if at all.

When betting for fun, you may want to consider simply setting a weekly or monthly budget for how much you’re prepared to lose. Keep accurate records of how much you earn or lose, and stop if you miss your budget in any week or month.

When betting more seriously, you should ideally separate your balance from your day-to-day funds. One way to do this is to deposit it at the different betting sites you use. Alternatively, you can use an electronic wallet or even open a new account.

With this step completed, it’s time to choose a stake plan (amount per bet) on betting.

Choosing a Stake Plan

Implementation plans are the rules that define how much you bet on each bet. There are many different types of plans, but all can be categorized as one of the following two types.

1 – Fixed Stake Plans
2 – Variable Stake Plans

Fixed Stake Plans

Fixed stake as the name implies, is the fixed amount you make on all your bets, that is, if your stake is $20.00 every game you will bet $20.00 regardless of whether you keep winning or losing in a row. , your stake value will always be the same.

Fixed stake plans are the most straightforward. They are very easy to use, meaning they are ideal for recreational gamblers and/or beginners. There are two basic options: level staking and percentage staking.

Level staking is easy; you bet exactly the same amount for every bet you make. This needs to be an amount you feel comfortable risking a single bet, and it should be a very small proportion of your overall balance or weekly/monthly budget. While most people recommend that you keep it between 1 and 5%, we generally recommend staying at 2% or less. If you’re willing to accept the highest level of risk or if you’re supporting big favorites, then it would be great if you were a little higher. Anyone who prefers to limit their risk exposure or who tends to bet most of the time should try to stay below the 2% mark.

Here are some examples of how tiered deployment plans can be used.

Example 1 – We have a monthly budget of $500.00 and are very risk-averse. We put our share at $5.00 which represents only 1% of our budget. We bet $5.00 on each bet and stop completely if we lose $500.00 in any given month.]]

Example 2 – We have an allocated bank of $1,000.00. We bet most of the favorites and are happy to risk 2.5% of our bankroll when we bet. 2.5% of $1,000 is $25.00, so that’s how much we bet on each bet. We bet a lot until our bankroll runs out, and at that point we pay off if we can afford to do so.

The only real downside with level staking plans is that they don’t count how much we’ve already won or lost. We just keep betting the same amount anyway. So, if we lose a large part of our bankroll, the amount we continue to bet will represent a much larger percentage of what we started with. If we increase our bankroll through winnings, the amount we continue to bet will be less than what we started.

Therefore, it is advisable to readjust your bet sizing periodically when using a tier stake plan. Alternatively, you can only use a percentage plan, which effectively does this automatically. With this type of staking plan, you simply bet a fixed percentage of your bankroll each time. Here is an example.

Example 3 – We have an initial bankroll of $1,000.00 and we decided to set our percentage stake at 2%. Our first bet is $20.00 as it is 2% of $1,000. For each subsequent bet, we calculate 2% of what is left in our bankroll. So, if it’s $900.00, our share is $18. If it’s $1,100.00, our share will be $22.00.

The advantage here is that we automatically bet less when our bankroll goes down, and more when our bankroll goes up. While this makes things a little more complicated, we think the stake percentage is marginally better than the overall stake level. Level staking is still a perfectly acceptable option.

Variable Stake Plans

The variable stake, as the name implies, is the variation of your stake in certain situations. The first is a percentage of your bankroll, that is, as your bankroll increases or decreases, your stake value will change. For example if your bankroll is $1,000.00 and the variable stake is 1% , it will be equivalent to $10.00 . And if your bankroll grows to $2,000, your variable stake will now be 2% , that is, now your stake will be $20.00 . The same happens when your bankroll decreases. This way you are gradually increasing your stake value as your bankroll goes up, if your bankroll goes down you will have to decrease your stake value.

Another example of using the variable stake is when you set the value of your units. For example, if you have a bankroll of $1,000.00 and you choose to work with 50 units, that is, 2% of your bankroll will be your stake per bet, which is equivalent to $20.00. In this example it doesn’t matter if your bankroll goes up or down, it will always work with the same 2% percentage of your current bankroll regardless of whether your bankroll goes up or down.

Variable stake betting is almost as simple – you place a bet to return a profit of one unit. By the way, the notion that variable locking is somehow more sophisticated, or for more experienced investors, is palpable nonsense. Anyone who is able to calculate value is more than able to calculate the bet needed for a fixed return.

Participation = Profit / (Decimal Odds – 1)

To return a profit of 1 unit, the bet will be the reciprocal of the decimal odds minus one.


At odds, at a price of 1.50 the bet would be 2 units.

At odd 2.00, 1 unit bet returns 2 units, a profit of 1 unit.

At odds 3.00 0.5 units bet returns 1.5 units, a profit of 1 unit.

Final considerations on bank management

The main purpose of this article is to make you aware of the importance of bankroll management. So let’s emphasize this point one more time. You MUST give some consideration to managing your bankroll when betting on sports, whether betting seriously or just for fun. If you don’t, you risk losing money you can’t afford. Or lose money faster than you’d like. Not to mention, you will also completely decrease your chances of making long-term profit.

Of course, understanding the importance of bankroll management is just the first step. That’s why we also explain how to manage a bank. We teach you what you need to do and now it’s up to you to follow our advice. This is easier said than done because good bankroll management requires strong discipline.

Using a proper stake plan should make it easier to stay disciplined, but it’s still important to make absolutely sure you stick to the relevant rules at all times. There is little benefit to using a stake plan 90% of the time and then losing all self-control of the other 10% of the time. This can still do a lot of damage to your bankroll. If you feel yourself losing control, stop betting immediately and take a break. If you have doubts about whether or not you will be able to maintain control in the future, you may have to give up betting altogether.

If you can stick to a betting plan and practice good bankroll management, betting on sports will be a much more enjoyable experience. You will increase your chances of making long term profits too. By betting only a percentage of the money you should be betting with, you should be able to overcome any bad losses. You’ll also avoid making reckless bets to chase losses and resist the temptation to raise the stakes when things are going well.

Simply put, good bankroll management is not just “important”. It’s VITAL. Please try to remember this at all times.

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